Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Episode 1: Thais Beltrame

Ladies and gentlemen! Welcome to the very first episode of Super Awesome Artist Show! My name is Pinc Bullet. I'm the host of this brand new show. We will be having fun talking to and about awesome artists of all kinds from around the world.
And without further ado, let's welcome our first guest. She is my friend and one of my favorite artists. From São Paulo, Brazil, Miss. Thais Beltrame!

Will you introduce yourself to the world? Please include your favorite food so we know what to bring to your potluck party :)

Hello, world! My name is Thais (pronounced Ta-ees) and I'm someone who enjoys drawing so much it became my profession. I have to admit that sometimes I wake up wishing I were a gardener, but don't we all? Some of my favorite things are afternoon walks, coffee shop chatting, cuddling cats, green tea pudding and imaginary forests. 

Many of your drawings show children, trees and animals. What significance does each subject hold for you?

I really just draw whatever shows up in my mind. I think there is a universal characteristic to the elements that end up on paper, such as environments you could find in folk tales and dreams. But I think it's mostly about expressing feelings and creating situations, and I don't impose anything. It's very spontaneous and intuitive work.

Many of your works are in black and white. Any special meaning in your preference for monochromes? (What is your favorite color by the way?)

I like to think of the images I make as snapshots of dreams. There aren't many colors in dreams at all. I also really love lines above anything, so colors are not important in my work. I think my favorite color ever is mauve.
What drives you to create art?

My inability to do math.
 You do shows in various cities, traveling internationally. How have your experiences been?

I didn't leave the country this year, which was nice because I got to participate in group shows in different commercial galleries here in São Paulo. It has been interesting as a shift of perspective since I'm just starting in my career. But I love to travel and encounter different people and see how they absorb my work. It's always wonderful, specially if you're open to the unexpected and that's really what I'm all about.
As artists, many of us face difficulties "selling" ourselves successfully. How do you manage the business side of being a professional artist?

I'm lucky enough to have been working with a gentleman named William Baglione for the past four years and I can safely say that he has done all of the things I'm absolutely awful at doing.
Do you ever have days when you want to just scream obscenities in your studio?

I was just doing that. I have my back on a large piece of paper right now which is giving me a real hard time. But I've been learning to deal with it and trying not to be so hard on myself, because you're working on a long-term (for life, really), and can't expect to only have good days.
What are your immediate creative and personal goals?

I was getting bored with my work so I'm trying something new now. For next year I'm trying to think of completely different ways to execute my drawings. I'm not sure where it's heading or even if I'm going to like it but it doesn't matter. I don't ever want to get stuck to old habits.
What are your ultimate creative and personal goals?

Outdo myself, and try to reach as deep within myself as I can.

I've been crazy about sea slugs for a few years now. Any personal fads right now?

I tend to use the same subjects but they shift placing from time to time. I've been reading "Walden" by Thoreau and been obsessed about the idea of isolating myself. So the drawing I've been working on is based on a fantasy of living a simple and isolated existence in the wilderness. That's the fun part about imagining things; you get to live it.
Where do we go to keep up with what you are up to? Any upcoming shows?

Yes, I'm quite easy to be found on the internet. I keep a blog and I try to update it from time to time:
I'm in a group show in São Paulo opening this coming Saturday at Galeria Baró:
and a solo show coming up this January which I'm extremely excited about, at the Art Association of Jackson Hole, in WY:
Thank you so much, Thais, for coming to Super Awesome Artist Show! Please come back again and keep us updated on your success.
And thank you for tuning in! Make sure to check back in for more super awesomeness.

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  1. Thais' work here is full of texture and terse dreamscapes. A real joy to behold, thank you Pinc Bullet for creating The Super Awesome Artist Show!